How to delete spotify account

Key Reasons You May Want To Delete Your Spotify Account

How To Permanently Delete Your Spotify App Account

Deleting Spotify Account on iPhone

  1. Open your iPhone Settings menu
  2. Scroll down and tap Apple ID > Media & Purchases
  3. Under “Current Subscriptions”, select your Spotify Premium membership
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription, then Confirm Cancellation when prompted
  5. Once canceled, go back and choose Delete App to remove Spotify from your device

Removing Spotify Account on Android

  1. Launch the Google Play app on your Android device
  2. Tap Menu > Subscriptions
  3. Under Active list, select Spotify Premium
  4. Choose Cancel subscription > YES to confirm
  5. Return to Subscriptions and tap Spotify again
  6. Select Delete > Delete app to erase your Spotify app account and data

Deleting Spotify Account Permanently Via Web Form

  1. Open the web browser on the computer and go to
  2. Click Legal at bottom > Contact Us section
  3. Complete the GDPR Data Erasure Request form
  • Enter your exact Spotify username
  • Share why you are requesting full account deletion
  • Confirm you understand this is irreversible, wipe all data, and close your account forever.
  1. Submit the form and await Spotify to confirm via email that your profile, playlists, and all other account data are fully deleted from their systems.

This web-based data removal request is the only way to entirely clear your information from Spotify’s servers, ensuring you can never log back into that account in the future. So again, be 100% certain before taking this permanent step!

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What Happens When Your Spotify Account Is Deleted?

Once you complete the full delete process above, here is exactly what you lose access to and what happens to the associated data:

  • All Playlists Removed – Whether carefully curated song libraries or quick one-off playlists, every last playlist tied to your account will be erased.
  • Entire Music Library And Likes Reset – All saved albums, tracks and artists you had in playlists or “Liked” status – are gone.
  • Listening History And Recommendations Erased – Those super personalized Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and other tailored playlists rely on your usage data. And without any listening history or profile, Spotify’s AI has nothing from which to recommend additional tunes.
  • Followers And Artists Following Reset To Zero – Remove all traces of your social activity on Spotify. Following musician accounts and any followers of your profile – are wiped away.
  • Profile Details Removed – Your display name, profile pic (or custom artwork), bio snippet, and connected social media accounts – are all scrubbed.
  • Settings And Payment Info Cleared – Any preferences like an explicit filter, streaming quality, offline usage, and of course payment data for Premium subscriptions removed.

Essentially reverting back to a fresh, brand new user state as if you never created your original Spotify account in the first place. With no path to recover or rescue any listening activity or playlists down the road – so be very certain before deleting!

Can You Recover Playlists or Data After Account Deletion?

Because fully deleting your Spotify account completely wiping data from their servers per GDPR removal rights, there is no way whatsoever to retrieve or restore any portion of your account details.

Your only option is to start totally fresh by creating a brand new Spotify account via their sign-up process. But again, you’ll have:

  • No previous playlists or library access
  • Followers and artist follows reset to zero
  • Listening history and preferences back at square one

So if you have years of Spotify activity powering personalized playlists and features you still love, tread extremely carefully before deleting your account forever!

What If You Change Your Mind? Alternative Options

Once you realize just how much data and irreplaceable context is lost by removing your Spotify account entirely, you may want to explore some alternatives that still provide a “fresh slate” without losing everything:

  • Consider Switching Streaming Services – If your issues with Spotify come down to wanting to try Apple Music, YouTube Music, or another competitor instead, you can easily sign up for a trial with your existing playlists and preferences intact. Then cancel Spotify Premium instead of deleting the account.
  • Temporarily Deactivate Account – You can essentially freeze your profile without actually losing everything through Spotify’s temporary deactivation option. This pauses any subscriptions, hides your profile from other users, and even adjusts listening metrics calculations.
  • Delete App But Not Account – As we covered earlier for iPhone and Android, removing the Spotify app clears plenty of locally stored data. But your playlists, followers, and listening history remain untouched on Spotify’s cloud servers so you can easily pick back up again later.

Ready to Delete Your Spotify Account?

Hopefully, now you have full clarity on what exactly gets lost in the deletion process alongside steps to erase your profile and data if truly ready irreversibly.

Just remember – Once submitted that data erasure request fully deletes everything tied to your account with no recovery option down the road. So be 100% certain before you take that step!

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